GoSafe regularly receives a number of videos and photographs of people driving dangerously, using a mobile phone, jumping red lights and many other forms of unsafe driving. Here are some of the very worst videos that we've been sent recently...

Offence: South Wales Police - Due Care
The motorcyclists can be seen driving at excessive speed between the vehicle and the large lorry. The driver of the vehicle which recorded the footage was overtaking the lorry at the time of the incident. The manner in which the motorcyclists travelled between the overtaking vehicle and the lorry was a risky manoeuvre, putting at risk the safety of themselves and others around them. The motorcyclist was summoned to Court, where they were fined £237 and disqualified from riding for 6 months.
Offence: North Wales Police - Section 3
Whilst travelling along the A55 in North Wales the submitter was overtaken by two vehicles. The vehicles can be seen pulling very closely alongside each other in a dangerous manner and an article passed from the driver of the Fiesta to the passenger of the other vehicle. Their careless actions increased the risk of a collision and injury to themselves and others. The registered keepers failed to furnish within the given time for responding and were subsequently summoned to court and on the 25th August, 2020 they were fined £660, given 6 penalty points and made to pay £85 costs and a £66 surcharge.
Offence: South Wales Police - Contravening A Red Light
A vehicle was approaching a red light, and slowed down to stop. A few seconds later a black vehicle drove straight past and continue through the red light, ignoring the red light and endangering the lives of other motorists. The offending motorist was summoned to Court and was given 3 penalty points as well as a fine of £339