GoSafe regularly receives a number of videos and photographs of people driving dangerously, using a mobile phone, jumping red lights and many other forms of unsafe driving. Here’s some examples of submissions we've received and the action that we’ve taken against irresponsible drivers...

Offence: South Wales Police – Driver not in a position to have proper control
A motorist travelling on Cwm Level Road in Swansea recorded another motorist driving behind them whilst on their mobile phone. After failing to comply with a Fixed Penalty Notice the offending motorist was summoned to Court where they were disqualified from driving for 6 months and fined £816.
Offence: South Wales Police – Overtaking within pedestrian crossing controlled area
A driver was travelling towards Swansea on the B4295 when they were overtaken by a motorcycle in a pedestrian controlled area. The offending motorist failed to comply with a conditional offer of a Fixed Penalty so was summoned to Court and given £100 fine and 3 penalty points.
Offence: Gwent Police – Use mobile phone while in control of a vehicle
A motorist was waiting by a set of traffic lights on Corporation Road, Newport when they noticed the driver of the vehicle waiting beside them was using their mobile phone whilst in control of a vehicle. The offending motorist failed to respond with the drivers details and was summoned to appear before the Magistrates Court for a Section 172 offence, where they were given a fine of £816 and 6 penalty points on their license.