GoSafe regularly receives a number of videos and photographs of people driving dangerously, using a mobile phone, jumping red lights and many other forms of unsafe driving. Here’s some examples of submissions we've received and the action that we’ve taken against irresponsible drivers...

Offence: North Wales Police - Excess Speed
A motorist was travelling eastbound on the A55 when they were passed by a vehicle travelling at high speed. The submitter stated that the vehicle was travelling at such a speed that they did not see it approaching and that their vehicle shook as the other vehicle sped past. The speeding motorist was travelling at a speed of 139mph in a 70mph limit. The offending motorist was summoned to court, where they were given a fine of £660, £150 in costs and disqualified from driving for 56 days.
Offence: North Wales Police - Section 3
A motorist had just left the car park of a super market and was travelling along Llandudno Road when a vehicle travelling behind them overtook at speed and on a blind bend on a hill before speeding away. The offending motorists drove carelessly with pedestrians walking nearby, putting them at risk of harm. The offending motorists failed to furnish their details when contacted by GoSafe and they were summoned to court where they received a fine of £660, £85 costs and 6 penalty points on their license.
Offence: Gwent Police - Due Care
The submitter of this clip was travelling along the B4235 in a 40mph zone. A bus was approaching in the opposite lane. Suddenly a vehicle overtook the bus at speed causing the submitter to react by performing an emergency stop. The video evidence also showed that the bus driver took action by steering towards the hedge to avoid a collision. The offending motorist was summoned to Court, where on the 4th November, 2021 they were given a fine of £231 and 3 penalty points on their license.